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The Lim Twins were Dancers on the Stars of Tomorrow TV Show in the early 1980's!
So don't laugh! (Okay, you can laugh just a little!)

Debbie was working on a new routine when Donna walked in (1:50 min marker)
This was the first time Donna did the routine and an example of what to expect in a class with The Lim Twins

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Z-Box Fitness: The Workout DVD Sampler

Cable Show Blooper

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let the lim twins motivate you to get fit, while having fun!

A Workout For Everyone, But Specialized for The Baby Boomers!
Z-Box Fitness DVD: The Workout

Z-Box DVDA workout for all fitness levels - all ages - all bodies! Z-Box alternates intervals of cardio boxing with segments of varied dance moves — all done to super-motivating music. It's a smooth-flowing combination sure to keep you energized and challenged. You get four different cardio boxing/dancing sequences. The cardio boxing sections feature classic punch, lunge and kick combos, often with a Z.E.N. influence (e.g. "start with a dragon stance," "circle your arms over the horizon"). The dance segments are even more varied — from box steps and Charlestons to sassy booty circles and "funky shoulders." Workout has a short dumbbell toning segment. Easier and more complex modifications are shown. DVD includes a bonus 30-minute toning/stretch workout. Requires 1 to 5 lb. dumbbells.
$15.00 with a Z.E.N. ball. Enter "Lim Twins" when you check out and get $5.00 back!

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The Lim Twins


The Lim Twins