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Debbie LimFitness

Debbie always lead an active lifestyle.  At the age of 18, Debbie taught her first aerobic class and 37 years later, she is still teaching fitness.  Debbie:  There are many reasons to teaching fitness, the important #1 reason is because I love it. I love seeing the smiles on each student and I love hearing how my classes are making a difference in their lives. I love planning for the classes too. It keeps me active and fit and what better way to earn a living????  I get paid for something I love and I stay fit while doing it!   However, there is another major reason why I teach . . . I have a severe fear of public speaking . . . When I was a little girl, I used to stutter because I was always told that I was stupid or people always made fun of the way I speak. I teach to overcome my fear and the anxiety. No one will ever know the intense fear I have teaching a class, even 34 years later!  At every cool-down, I say a prayer to God and thank God for another successful class. 


Debbie always had the creativity bug.  In the 5th grade, she won first and second place in a "design a birthday card contest" at Ludington Middle School in Detroit, MI. At this same school, she designed the school flag.  Debbie taught her first art class at a Detroit Community Center when she was 18 years old. In her 20's, Debbie had a clothing line called "LaShong Designer Wear" (see photos below).  Debbie created clothes that was comfortable and easy to wear.  With Donna being her main model, they had over 200 fashion shows and her clothes were sold in two local malls. 

Switching from designing clothes to the canvas, Debbie started painting women in gowns with wild animals at their side. With her love for wild animals, tigers became her focal point in most of her work (see photos below). Sometimes it is a struggle to get the creative side going,  so Debbie made sure to set up her art studio in her house to make sure she walks by her art table and paints everyday for motivation.

Please visit her Art Page at Facebook and "Like It" while viewing some of her recent work:

Debbie PaintingDebbie Lim, Artist


Debbie is the co-owner of a holistic practice with her chiropractic husband.  They believe in organic, holistic healing. They both feel if you eat right (portion control)  and stay active, it can benefit your life and keep you healthy.  Being an entrepreneurial, Debbie is multi-talented and does the photography for Donna's SOS Web Design Business, design her own businesses websites, and is the photographer and promoter for Fitness Motivators and Z-Box Fitness.

Personal Life

Being happily married for 25+ years, people always ask Debbie, "How do you do it?"  Her answer:  There are many ups and downs. Like all other couples, we had our down-time and hard times.  At the end of the day, we had each other with a smile and love.  Laughter plays an important role in a healthy marriage too.  We are a lot alike when it comes to being goofy and laughing at ourselves. We like the same things and we both are artistic, so we blend well with each other.  I am into the arts, while Nino is into music (When he is not at the clinic, he plays lead guitar in a few bands and writes music). You have to have the passion and the love for each other and not only for the beginning of the relationship. A lot of couples stop caring or stop trying after a few years.  Life is too short to waste it on fighting... if you must fight... fight fair, let it go, and move on!

Debbie Lim, ArtistDebbie Lim, DesignerDebbie Lim, Designer


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