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The Lim Twins

Donna and Debbie Lim are identical twins and known as "The Lim Twins" in the fitness industry.

Bright smiles and 37+ years as fitness industry experts make it appear that they have, as many believe, "picture perfect lives." But behind the smiles is an extraordinary life story . . .

Born to Asian immigrants and raised in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Donna and Debbie were products of a very strict and, to say the least, a complicated upbringing. They lived in various children homes, were on their own at 15, and at times, homeless. Their lives were a struggle - often unbearable - but their determination and belief that anything is possible, was unusually strong.

The Lim Twins' story of survival - many would call torture - led them to concentrate on helping other people. Their story is told in an entertaining and touching way that captures an audience and offers hidden take-a-ways that encourage and motivate.

Workout Philosophy

The Lim twins feel that working out should not be "work". It should be something fun, challenging and interesting enough for the person to WANT to keep doing daily!  They also believe that Z-Box Fitness covers everything you will ever need to get fit, fabulous and feeling fantastic - BODY - MIND - SOUL!

Fitness Success Story

Donna and Debbie are both strongly rooted in aerobics, weight training and, of course, dance. Donna had discovered yoga/mat types of training and meditation/relaxation, while Debbie had found boxing and Tai Chi (they used to watch their Grandfather do Tai Chi). When they combined their techniques together, they knew they had something new, original and exciting to offer to their students and community.  Z-Box Fitness was born! (The "Z" stands for Zone+Envision+Nature).  In addition to the Z-Box DVD, Z-Box Workshops are now offered to group fitness instructors nationwide to be trained and certified to teach Z-Box at their clubs/studios. November, 2011, they released their first DVD, Z-Box Fitness, The Workout.  The DVD is 100% pure Michigan and recorded in HD in the heart of Detroit.

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The Lim Twins

The Lim Twins