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An owner of a fitness company that Donna worked for told her that her idea would not succeed when she asked her to consider adding it to the program. That was 27 years ago when Donna started Fitness Motivators. Back in the 80s, classes consisted of high-impact aerobics where participants exercised at their maximum heart rate and she witnessed countless times of them getting sick, injured, and/or eventually giving up.

Unfortunately, High impact aerobics are surfacing back today in the fitness industry, but camouflaged under different labels with the same outcome but some worse than that of the 80s. Donna created an interval-training program (unheard of back then) where participants worked at their own pace, challenged themselves when ready, and always left feeling energized and motivated. Since the launch of Fitness Motivators in 1989, Donna and Debbie created several successful fitness programs (e.g., Z-BoxFitness) with over 10,000 participants. Donna's goal was to help others reach their fitness goals. A goal that was accomplished repeatedly, with the help of the Fitness Motivators Team."

Donna is well-known and a respected professional in the fitness industry. She is also known as a "comedian" when she teaches her exercise classes. Donna's first class was at a Detroit YMCA where she taught high impact aerobics at 18 years old. Donna is the creator of the following programs: xGravity, Z.E.N., Interval Training (first in the Highland area to offer a program mixed with cardio and weights in 1989!) and co-creator of Z-Box Fitness. Click to read how she started Fitness Motivators.

Donna’s main focus is to teach clients how to love themselves for who they are and not what society expects us to be. “Our body is a temple. We need to nourish it with love, acceptance, exercise, and nutritional foods. Do not poison it. After all, this is the only body we were given and we need to treat it with respect.” 

Graphics & Web Designer

As a project manager, Donna acquires and maintains e-business website projects for external and internal client from inception to completion. She handles proposal preparation, mock-up development, client negotiation, custom designs, and site maintenance. Donna also has a passion for graphics and web design. She views her monitor as a blank, white canvas board. She can turn her clients’ ideas into reality.

Donna's web design company employs professionals (mainly family members) that have decades of experience (business owners, worldwide major corporations, etc.). They are able to provide a wide range of business services with outstanding results all at a fraction of the cost of other web companies. The Team create sites that are distinctive. Donna offers a wide variety of services including logo design, software and web site development, new business branding, e-Commerce development, print design, search engine optimization, and corporate development to name a few. Donna employ a whatever it takes attitude and diligent persistence to ensure that all projects are completely fulfilled to the utmost.

Anything is Possible Presenter


The Lim Twins travel nationwide to teach instructors the popular Z-Box program. Donna is also a motivational speaker. Her specialty of discussion is on how to empower women, to step outside of their comfort zone, and help them see the many possibilities life has to offer them.


Donna, Business Management BackgroundIn addition to being in the fitness industry, Donna has several years’ experience working successfully in the corporate world and at the same time, as an entrepreneurial. Donna is known as being a multi-talented professional with diverse experience. As a consultant, she uses her extraordinary enthusiasm, hard work, and quality skills to contribute to the success of business operations. In Donna's role at one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, she was called “the most reliable go-to person” by colleagues of all levels and rated as one of the top performers in her organization. She saved the organization thousands of dollars with the contribution of her many skills (instead of projects being outsourced) and for being a Subject Matter Expert. In her most recent role, she was told by an executive that she "raised the bar" and was given an unexpected bonus - after only be employed just over three months.



Click to Read Donna's Blog
Click to read Donna's Blog

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