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Bright smiles and 40+ years as fitness industry experts make it appear that they have, as many believe, "picture perfect lives." But behind the smiles is an extraordinary life story . . . Born to Asian immigrants and raised in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Donna and Debbie were products of a very strict and, to say the least, a complicated upbringing. They lived in various children homes, were on their own at 15, and at times, homeless. Their lives were a struggle - often unbearable - but their determination and belief that anything is possible, was unusually strong. The Lim Twins' story of survival - many would call torture - led them to concentrate on helping other people. Their story is told in an entertaining and touching way that captures an audience and offers hidden take-a-ways that encourage and motivate.

The Lim Twins . . . will entertain, inspire, and motivate you!

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